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Super Saturday 2016  -   Further info:


All competitiors should have received the following email:

We look forward to having everyone come and race with us on this coming Saturday. Please ensure you are present to register on time and rack your bike in transition before briefing and racing starts. Club members will be manning the registration tent at Scarness Park from 5:30am.

Please make sure you do not park on the Esplanade as this is the racing area for everyone. Roads will not be closed until 6:30am, so please park in the side streets around race central.

Seniors/Intermediates need to register from 5:30am, and be racked by 6:00am ready for their race briefing and walk to the swim start.

Juniors/USHS can also register from 5:30am, and can rack then also, but will also be able to rack once all seniors are out on the run. It is recommended to register and rack as early as possible however.

Junior Aquathlon Can register and prepare their transition at anytime up until approx. 7:45

Have A Crack Can register anytime during the morning. You will need to be racked in transition by 8:15

Mini Aquathlon Can register anytime during the morning. Be on the beach ready to go no later than 9:15

***** Due to tidal conditions event schedule will be tight. Please ensure you are registered and ready to go inline with the timelines listed above******

Saturday 12th November - Huntingdale Super Saturday Events
5.30am Registration opens – Scarness park
6.30am Senior/Intermediate Tri – Swim start East of Maryborough Sailing Club
7.30am Junior/USHS Tri – Swim start in front of Scarness Caravan Park
8.15am Junior Aquathon – Swim entry East of Enzo’s Cafe
8.45am Have A Crack Tri – Swim start East of Enzo’s Cafe
9.30am Mini Aquathon - Swim is 50m out & back (25m out/back) in front of Enzo’s

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