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HBTC was established in 1989. With dedication from volunteers our club continues to grow and develop every year.  Our club is the only club in the region to run regular local races.  Hervey Bay is an idyllic location for the sport of triathlon with our beautiful calm and safe swimming waters. The majority of our races are held on the Esplanade, allowing you to take in the beautiful views as you ride and run. We are an all inclusive club and cater for competitors from ages 5 to 105.  People of all fitness levels and abilities are welcome, from elite to beginner and including the disabled. HBTC has produced some outstanding Triathletes and we believe we have some future champions in the making. Stay tuned to our blog post for athlete profiles and acheivements. Mums & Dads with kids thinking of getting into triathlon, have a look at our juniors page for all the info you need. Please feel free to contact our helpful committee if you require further information. You can check out our Facebook page and post your questions there too. 

Providing A Safe Environment For All To Enjoy And Participate In The Sport Of Triathlon.

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