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 Off season launch of the HBTC training program is set to commence from the 13th May!


* This off season program will be free to all current HBTC Triathlon Club members

* All updates will be live on the HBTC Training and Racing Group on Facebook

* Non members at this stage will unfortunately be unable to attend, Stage 2 will include a program Ap and payment system.



Stay updated with our current social sessions below by following our live updates on Facebook.

Wednesday runners group. Meets 5.30pm at the Enzos Carpark Hervey Bay Esplanade.
Giant Hervey Bay Group ride Wednesday mornings (seasoned campaigners)
Giant Hervey Bay ladies ride Thursday mornings (all welcome)

Social groups, ride and swim session contacts:


Hervey Bay Triathlon Club

HBTC Training and Racing Group

Funky Friday Splashers

Hervey Bay Swim Club

Hervey Bay Humpbacks masters swimming club

Hervey Bay Surf Lifesaving Club

Giant Hervey Bay

Fraser Coast Cycling club

Wednesday Runners

Park Run Hervey Bay

Park Run Maryborough

BMee Coaching


Fraser Coast Council/ aquatic centres

The Triathlon Club have engaged with the Hervey bay Swimming Club and Fraser Coast Council to assist with the provision of swim squad services at the Hervey Bay Aquatic Centre. 

Our involvement was born of the need to support our own members and the wider swimming community across the Fraser Coast.  We are blessed with extensive coaching credentials, an experienced committee and the financial security provided by the success of our signature Triathlon event the Hervey Bay 100.

After considerable consultation an expression of interest was published to select a suitably qualified coach to facilitate and administer the program.  We are happy to announce Caleb Ryan has been successful in this process and will facilitate activities and act as head coach for the program.  Regular reviews will be completed by the Swim Squad committee and any necessary amendments to the foundation outline will be considered. 

A few key notes for consideration:
* The swim squad has always been and will always be a traditional technique and competitive program.  Any dedicated Triathlon elements will sit outside of the Aquatic centre published program and will be hosted at times outside of the attached schedule.  Keep in mind we have an Olympian amongst our ranks who's early development was all traditional swim squad base, we know it works!
* HBTC have had the support of Council with a subsidised lane hire agreement.  The remaining cost is still a considerable investment by the club but one we felt necessary to ensure consistency of supply at a cost that assists our swimmers to engage as in the past.  
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