Welcome to our new Training and Coaching Blog. To kick off our thought provoking journey through the process of training for triathlon we have asked Club member Steven Schofield to share his philosophy on triathlon training. So over the coming weeks/months he will be sharing his insights with us through both Facebook and this site. He's Subtitled the series "DIY Programming" - so we'd suggest it will be filled with the sort of ideas you'll be able to use to create your own training programs.

Steve comes with a great reputation from his time as Head Coach of his own coaching business SAS Triathlon, as well as a great track record as a triathlete in his own right. Anyone who has podiumed at Ironman races, Noosa Triathlons and has been to Kona probably knows a bit. 


Triathlon Training and Coaching Blog

August 31, 2017

The most common mistake that most people make when they first start training is to race every session.  They settle on a distance that’s not too short or too long and go like the clappers chasing a PB every session.  They are likely to see some initial improvement as they get fitter and faster and repeatedly hit those PB’s, until they inevitably get injured or their times quickly plateau.   Without the light and shade of overl...

August 25, 2017

Training for most people doesn’t come easy and is a real trial and error process.  You are basically learning how your body responds to training stress and how much rest you need before you can put it under stress again.   Basically you have to pay for every effort and the older you get the slower you recover.

When and how to train easy and when and how to train hard makes more sense if you understand the energy syste...

August 25, 2017

Get yourself tired and then give yourself a rest.  And repeat.    There’s a little more to it but that’s the guts of it.  It’s not rocket science.

Jeff from the HBTC has asked me to share my thoughts on training for triathlon to club members so over the next few weeks I will be throwing a few thoughts and links down on paper and see if it rings a bell with anyone.  Some will be science and probably true, and...

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