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What's an Aquathlon (Pronounced Ahh Quath Lonn)

Aquathlons were created by Race organisers that would prefer not to deal with the many permits required for a bike leg. Coincidentally they're also a simple and easy way to test the water for Triathlon beginners and for those elite competitors to cut loose for a run/ swim. Oh and did I mention they're a truck load of fun!

Race distances vary so pick what you'd like.. You'll basically run, then swim then run again. On some of the more elite races you'll do this twice.

Aquathlon essentials:

  • Enter the race before the deadline

  • Pack into a cool looking backpack..... Your towel, togs, swim cap, goggles (maybe goggle spray?), sand shoes, shirt, hat and socks (or not if you're a pro). Oh did I also say vaso... Well for those that are averse to chafe under the armpits!

  • Turn up before the registration deadline and meet the lovely crew at the desk. They'll tick you off the list, answer any questions and draw a cool number on your arm.

  • Leave your backpack in the transition area, (apply Vaso if needed) lay out your goggles and towel in easy reach for when you've come off the first run. This is where your cool backpack helps so you remember where you put your stuff!

  • Hang around with all the other excited triathletes and listen to the race briefing.

  • Line up at the start and when you're group is called run like you're being chased by the walking dead until you get through the course and back to transition.

  • Throw off ya shoes, shirt and hat, chuck on ya goggles and cap.

  • Run like you love the water and jump in, swim the marked course until you get back to the beach then run to transition.

  • Put ya shoes back on and repeat your first effort but do it faster cause you don't have to swim again!

  • Raise your arms and scream who's your Daddy as you pass over the finish line

  • Hang around for a chat, cold drink and possibly win an awesome random prize.


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